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Image by Max

An unexpected trip to the laundromat, a night of passion he cannot forget, and undying loyalty set the stage for the awakening, destruction, and rebirth of Levon Jones. In this modern coming of age journey, Levon returns to his small southern hometown, and desperately tries to avoid the entanglement and specter of sirens. A former standout athlete in the sleepy suburbs of Bacon’s Castle, he is jolted out of his cynical existence onto a rollercoaster ride. His sifting between conflicting loyalties, long-standing secrets, and unforeseeable twists adds spice to his journey.

The moments of unpredictable intrusions from his partners-in-crime and insane rolls of the dice lead to his self-realization, and potentially redemption if he can survive the trial of his life. This fictional suspense was inspired by real events and encompasses contemporary realities and tragedy that are often overlooked. As Levon narrates his consciousness and exposes his uphill battle against class, tradition, and himself for survival, the fates conspire against him. This modern social critique of America feels all too familiar to some, and may be a wake up call to others.

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