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About Author

A statistical anomaly and collection of paradoxes; I am Newport News meets Petersburg, and raised in Virginia Beach. An athlete and a full blown nerd. Both Aggie and Legal Eagle. Outspoken, but introverted. The square peg that fits in nicely with the inner circle. 

I am currently an attorney in North Carolina. Despite other pursuits, I have always been active in creative writing and had a passion for the study of American History (which includes "African American History"). This merger is often reflected in my writing. Well versed in puns, allegories, and metaphors, my art of story-telling is often deeply personal and reflective of personally observed tragedies and triumphs. 

I've previously been published on a Law Review, Online National Essay Contest, Local Newspaper, and written and performed two spoken word albums.

35 years a Black Man, Taurus, and child of God. This thing called life has been a rollercoaster ride of a journey, and I invite you to peek into one of the windows into my soul which is my writing. I survived some pretty dark lows, and the art came out better for it. This is just the beginning, walk with me. 

Dominique Camm Esq.

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